I am Amanda J Scott and I am about to show you how to create success from stress, I am a stress consultant and I work with many different clients from:

  • Senior Executives to
  • Senior Army Officers dealing with PTSD to
  • Lawyers and
  • Lawyer Client’s going through upcoming sentences to
  • Women and Men going through separation and divorces to
  • HSC students to
  • Everyday Clients suffering from anxiety and depression.

They all have one thing in common unhealthy stress.

And it’s this stress that they are holding onto and this is what is causing physical and emotional pain.

Studies have shown that a certain amount of stress entices the brain to develop new cells to make us more of who we are.

When we progress we are happy and we get really excited when we grow.

But it’s when we hold onto stress that is unhealthy and that is what lives in our cells.

Most people look at stress as a negative factor and hold onto it.

Create Success From Stress looks at stress

  • In a new way.
  • An empowering way.
  • By identifying where you are in your stress levels.
  • And teaching you how to release any unhealthy stress.

So you can learn how to use your stress effectively and drive your life forward

  • Healthy
  • Happy
  • Successfully.