With our One Day Training Workshop


Purpose Driven Business Owners &
Company Executives/Team Managers

Release and Transform high levels of stress by implementing the 5 step Create Success From Stress Program.

  • Explore – Identifying the current levels of stress
  • Engage – Recognising the impact from the stress
  • Expose – Uncovering the underlying issues
  • Eliminate – Release of overloaded stress
  • Empower – Harnessing the everyday stress
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Power to Perform

Take control and work with stress to your advantage to meet your full potential.

Efficient & Effective

Be calm and relaxed while still being in the drivers seat of your body and mind.

Outstanding Results

Be producing and performing at your best having clear outcomes and getting outstanding results in the shortest possible time.

Workshop Outline

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This is an individual audit that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, where questions are answered openly and honestly to identify the levels of stress in the body. This is conducted throughout the organisation either via an online process or the questionnaire from the Create Success From Stress book.
(9:30-10:30AM – INDIVIDUAL)

In the discovery we begin to engage and find out how and why the stress is causing disconnection, confusion, dysfunction and/or destruction. We look at where your stress rating is currently and what you may be experiencing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
(9:30-10:30AM – GROUP)

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This is an immersion where we dig deeper and expose any old patterns of self sabotage through tailored questions. These are old programs, old beliefs and old behaviours, that we may not be aware of, that no longer serve us in the organisation.

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This is a critical stage as it releases and eliminates the stress that has been stored in the body. After time, the more we have unresolved and unrelieved issues the more we are unable to have self-control and the more we want to control everything else around us. Inevitably this has implications on our health, performance and life direction.

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This final stage shows how to harness the everyday stress to your advantage with an understanding on how to manage and control your stress correctly on a daily basis. Using stress as a powerful motivator requires deliberate action which enhances your focus, your performance and brings out the very best of yourselves.

Anna Mitsios

Amanda’s passion, skill and techniques along with her incredible confidence in my growth has provided me with the ability to positively change my mindset, habits and environment to create growth and success in my business.

The Create Success From Stress program allowed me to banish personal habits and negative thought patterns that were restricting my success.

Positive change becomes very quick and real with Amanda’s guidance.

Edible Beauty Australia


As an Australian Army Officer, I’m frequently in stressful situations. Over the years Amanda has provided great comfort by educating me on properly handling stress. Most importantly, I completely trust Amanda to keep my personal information confidential.

Australian Army

Pricing Guide

Purpose Driven
Business Owners

per person

Venue - Vibe Hotel, Rushcutters Bay, Sydney

Date - 07/09/2019 and 19/10/2019

Time - 9:30am - 5pm

Corporate Executives and
Team Managers

per person

Venue - In-house

Date - On availability

Time - 9:30am - 5pm